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Rules to LaGL

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1. General League Rules

1.1 The Type of League
LaG Gaming League (LaGL) is a 4v4 NGL Stlye based competition.

1.1.1 League Officials: Match Admins are assigned by LaGL Head admins to observe, judge and administer matches. The LaGL Head Admin is allowed to supersede rules and decisions of any Admin. The Head Admin is the ultimate authority concerning any decision.

1.2 Participants

1.2.1 Clan: An association of players, building a managed team is called a "clan" in the following. Every clan needs to have a web presence, including a roster and information upon the clan structure and the official clan representatives.

1.2.2 Teams and Team managers: The clans are announcing rosters of at least four (4) players and no more than twenty (20) players. Those rosters are called teams in the following: Each clan must have a responsible clan member than can make decisions and represent the clan in front of the league administration. This is known as a Team Manager. A Team Manager is responsible for a Clan and is the entity that will receive the prize if its clan wins.

1.2.3 Players: Players attending LaGL must be part of one and only one clan. A player is not allowed to represent another clan online or offline, which includes all possible Warcraft III gaming activities in national and international tournaments and leagues. It also includes that a player is not allowed to play under the name of a different clan or wear another clan's uniform. Excluded from this rule are tournaments and leagues officially offered by Blizzard Entertainment and venues not offering prize money. Players are also allowed to represent a regional team or a national team in special competitions.

1.2.4 Membership: Being a member of a clan or being authorized to represent a clan in LaGL depends only on the information published in the team account, not on any information published on any other web presence.

1.3 Commitments

1.3.1 The team manager has to ensure that all players of his clan and all representatives read, understand, accept and comply with the rules & regulations of LaGL.

1.3.2 The team manager is also liable to arrange the match dates with the competing clan before Friday 23:59 EST of the play week. Scheduled time and date must be sent to the league e-mail.

1.3.3 Line-ups must be sent to the league e-mail 30 minutes before the scheduled war time and must contain the players nationality, race and Garena ID. You must also indicate who the starting player is.

1.3.4 Additionally each team representative has to enter a statement towards the upcoming clanwar at the time of sending in the line-ups.

1.3.5 The line-ups will then be published 15 minutes before the war. Before the line-ups are published they can be edited.

1.3.6 A new player needs to be added by the team manager to the clan's roster via the league e-mail to be regarded as a part of the clan. The player is not allowed to play the same play week he is joining the clan. A player can only be allowed to play in the same play week if the apposing team agrees.

1.3.7 The league is not responsible for additional agreements between players and clans. Additional agreements are only allowed if they do not violate the rules and regulations of the league, but will not be considered through any proceedings of the league. LaGL reserves the right to change the rules and regulations at any time without prior notice to the attending clans.

1.3.8 When a clan cancels its participation during the season or the finals, gets suspended or banned from the league, all played and open matches will be set as a 4-0 default win for the opposing teams and has no claim for any prize money.

1.3.11 By attending this competition, clans and players acknowledge, without limitation to comply with the rules and regulations of the league and with the decisions of the league officials. The application of these rules and regulations is at the sole discretion of the league officials. Any decision from league officials will supersede these rules and regulations to preserve the spirit of competition.

1.4 Prize Money distribution
This Seasons LaGL Prize will be 50 USD and is payable only via PayPal.

2. Competition Format

2.1 Play Weeks
The league consists of Ten (10) Clans, playing nine (9) play weeks. One play week has a length of one usual week, starting Monday at 12:00 AM EST (0:00) and ends Sunday at 11:59 PM EST (23:59). On each play week a participating clan is playing a clan war against another clan, facing each of the other clans once in a season. The play week and the match ups are set by the league administrators.

*NEW*2.2.1 (14.3.11) If matches are not played by the end of the play week, the team or teams that did show an effort in trying to schedule will receive a score of 0 for that week. Teams showing efforts will receive a score of 4. If teams continue to show no effort in scheduling or playing for an additional week, they will be kicked out of the league and banned for the next season.

2.2 If there is no possibility of scheduling, the teams have to contact a league official. Teams that do not schedule in time receive .5 Penalty Point and an additional one (1) Penalty Point for every 24 hours the war is not scheduled.

2.3 Match Format

2.3.1 A clan war consists of a series of best of one (Bo1) matches. The player winning a match is advancing to the next match, while the player losing a match is eliminated and cannot play again in the running clan war. The team of the player who lost his match decides which player from their lineup plays next against the winner of the last match and which map is to be played next. The maps must be picked from the leagues map pool. Each team can pick a map only once in a clan war. The first map set by the league administration is considered to be "neutral", which means that both teams can pick it again. The clan war ends when four (4) players of one clan are eliminated.

2.3.2 Every team gets the possibility of using a joker three (3) times a season. This means a team is able to revive a player in a running clan war by eliminating another player that is still in the lineup.
Every team gets the possibility of using a sub cards three (3) times a season. This means a team is able to replace a player in a running clan was by removing him from the lineup and replacing him with another player (non-barred) from the roster.

2.3.3 In Qualifiers, teams are NOT allowed Sub Cards or Joker Cards.

2.3.4 Teams will receive 1 point for each map won in a clan war. If two teams end up with the same amount of points in win/loss at the end of the season, the team with the better score-difference in concerns of maps will be placed first in the ranking. If the score differences of the teams also equals the result of the individual match between those teams will come into account.

2.4 Match Procedure

2.4.1 Each clan has to make sure that their first player of the according war is available 5 minutes before the clan war starts.

2.4.2 If the starting player does not show ten (10) minutes after the start of the war he will force forfeit his map. Unless the apposing team uses a Joker card to replace their starter.

2.4.3 If the apposing team does not show fifteen (15) minutes after the start of the war they force forfeit the war.

2.4.4 After the end of a match the loser's team has to announce their next player and their map of choice within 5 minutes.

2.4.5 If a player does not show up ten (10) minutes after the end of the last match his clan will receive a default loss for his match.

2.4.6 If a team wants to replace one of their players after the line-ups have been published (for example because of illness) the opposing team has to agree. If they don't agree, the team of the missing player will receive a default loss for the according match.

2.4.7 The manager will take care of uploading the replays. The manager of each team MUST upload the replays of the maps his/her team won. If a manager does not, he will earn his team .2 PP for each replay not posted. A manager can take away .2 PP for each replay he/she missed by posting won replays up to 2 days after the match was played.

2.4.8 If one of the players disconnects within the first three (3) minutes of the match, it will be restarted with the same settings as the interrupted match.

2.4.9 If one of the players disconnects later than three (3) minutes after the match has started, it will be counted as a default loss for the disconnecting player unless the player who did not disconnect is willing to offer a rematch.

2.4.10 If there is a bug that causes a disconnect (f.e. TM - Dead Mortars coming alive and game crashes) a league admin will decide if there will be a rematch.

3. Game Settings & Map pool

3.1 LaGL uses the "Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne" computer game with the latest game patch (version 1.25B).

3.2 The game speed must be set to "fast".

3.3 The map pool consists of the following maps:
- (2) Echo Isles
- (2) Melting Valley
- (2) Terenas Stand
- (2) Ancient Isles
- (2) Secret Valley
- (2) Amazonia
- (2) Plunder Isles 2.0
- (4) Turtle Rock
- (4) Twisted Meadows
3.4 All matches will be played using Garena. If a participant has problems using Garena, a Admin MUST has to be consulted.

3.4.1 If a match cannot be played via Garena, A Admin must be consulted so they can agree to an alternate hosting platform (most likely Bnet).

3.4.2 An LaGL admin must be present during a match. If an LaGL admin cannot make it, an LaGL admin will notify the playing teams and the matches will begin.

3.5 Using other third party programs is not allowed. Especially the use of programs modifying the behavior of Warcraft III is strictly forbidden and may be punished with an immediate disqualification from the running season.

4.0 Rule Violations

4.1 Every violation of the above mentioned rules will be punished with penalty points.

4.2 Every admin is allowed to give penalty points if he feels it is necessary in the given situation.

4.3 As soon as a participant reached six (6) or more penalty points he will be removed from the running season with immediate effect.

4.4 In case a participant leaves the league or gets suspended or banned during the running season he will be barred from the following season.

4.5 The league officials have the right to suspend or ban participants, that have shown disrespectful behavior, from the league.


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